Advocacy for Refugee and Immigrant Services

We are a non-profit organization committed to advocating for refugees and immigrants.


ARISE seeks to empower refugees and immigrants by teaching self-advocacy through individualized services geared toward self-reliance. Ultimately, ARISE wants refugees and immigrants to be recognized, as active members of their new communities who can meet challenges with courage and resolve. ARISE strongly believes that refugees and immigrants enrich their communities with new perspectives and talents and should be considered resources.

ARISE statement on Biden’s new refugee policy

ARISE recognizes the commitment made by the Biden administration in terms of refugee resettlement and appreciates the steps taken by President Biden.President Biden in February signed an executive order to rebuild the United States refugee resettlement program. The United States resettled 11, 814 in the Fiscal year 2020. That number was the lowest since resettlement started. Trump Administration had pulledContinue reading “ARISE statement on Biden’s new refugee policy”

ARISE Statement On Trump Administration’s Actions Against Refugees And Immigrants

ARISE stands with the long cherished values and principles of US and condemns the unconstitutional ban put on refugee and immigrants by the current administration. ARISE expresses its concerns around the ban put forward on Refugee and Immigrant. This country has always benefited from the hard work of Refugee and Immigrant. There is no factualContinue reading “ARISE Statement On Trump Administration’s Actions Against Refugees And Immigrants”