Refugee Advocate Testimonials

“I became a Refugee Advocate to help people new to the US find the community and resources they need. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a life of their choosing. I want to help refugee family explore their needs and make them feel at home in their new country.”

Hala Anderson
Refugee Advocate

“As a daughter of refugees, whose father was part of the Vietnamese Boat People, I became a Refugee Advocate to be a resource that my parents never had when they first resettled in Massachusetts. With each small step, I hope to contribute to making a positive difference for even just one refugee family in the Greater Worcester area!

Helen Vo
Refugee Advocate

I first became engaged with the refugee community when I volunteered at our local resettlement organization in Albany, NY as a civics tutor and art teacher. Working with children, I became more aware of the needs of families arriving in the United States. Now, as a student at Smith College, I value the opportunity to work as a refugee advocate in my new community.

Lily Gould
Refugee Advocate

“Moving to a new country is an overwhelming process that requires adjusting to a new culture and language, learning new things, and re-learning others. I wanted to be a refugee advocate to guide and comfort refugees and make the process less complicated and stressful. When I moved to the United States, I realized the difference a helping hand can make throughout the process; therefore, I want to bring positive change to the refugees and be someone of assistance and trust every step of the way. Being a refugee advocate allows me to help those who need it by sharing my knowledge and experiences and becoming someone the refugees can trust and rely on.”

Nicole Bamberger Segura
Refugee Advocate

“Everyone deserves to have the resources to succeed, wherever they are in life. It’s an honor to serve forced migrants and refugees with what abilities I have.

Axelle Rivot
Refugee Advocate

“ The hardships and even tragedies we have faced in our lives can sometimes prepare us for doing good work in the world. When we understand from the inside out, what loss and suffering feel like, it can give us the insight, the desire, and the drive to do all we can to alleviate the pain of others.

My experience as a refugee child and young woman has made me view the condition of refugees as an emergency. It is impossible to know what their lives are like and how far those lives are from the lives they wish to lead, and not take action. For this reason, I am joining ARISE because I believe that the most effective approaches to refugee assistance are the most targeted, the most focused on particular issues, and the most responsive to the voices of the refugees themselves, and ARISE is all I have been waiting for.”

Chantale Zuzi
Refugee Advocate

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