ARISE Statement On Trump Administration’s Actions Against Refugees And Immigrants

ARISE stands with the long cherished values and principles of US and condemns the unconstitutional ban put on refugee and immigrants by the current administration. ARISE expresses its concerns around the ban put forward on Refugee and Immigrant. This country has always benefited from the hard work of Refugee and Immigrant. There is no factual basis to suggest otherwise. The divisive rhetoric by the current administration has put the lives of immigrant and refugee, both in the US and abroad, at risk. The refugee who are escaping war and political persecution deserve a safe refuge in the states. ARISE is a nonprofit working to build a thriving immigrant community based on equality and justice. ARISE hopes to work with any organizations or individuals to help reduce the misunderstanding created by this political rhetoric, and expects your support to effectively integrate this vulnerable population into their communities and help them achieve their full potential.

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